Superior Community Management


About Us

We believe in quality, service, and performance with uncompromising integrity

Over the course of our 17 years, Superior has concentrated on achieving sustainable growth to facilitate strategic acquisitions of experienced personnel to maintain our paramount focus of serving our clientele.  Superior commits to transparent communication with our clients while partnering with our Board’s and offering one of the most superlative management teams in the local market. Our networked relationships with vendors, CPA’s, and attorneys keep all staff at the forefront of any issue of community association business.

SCM  plays a key role in building a sense of community and positively  affecting homeowners' perceptions of their association through  consistent communications and management of the association's business.  

Our staff is comprised of outstanding professionals and  Our Services are based on the best practices within the industry. We are  honest, hard working and thorough in our management with each and every  association. While many companies take a "big business" approach, we  believe in a hands-on personal way of doing business.

We are dedicated to educating ourselves. Our staff is experienced, and attend numerous continuing education opportunities via local organizations, such as Community Association Institute (CAI).

Our company culture focuses on the well being of each and every employee.  Limiting the number of clients in each community manager portfolio, cohesive, collaborative, and frequent staff meetings, and encouraging participation from all departments are some examples of our internal dynamics to continually remain on the leading edge of quality service to our clients.

SCM encourages all of our business partners to hold us  accountable in maintaining these standards mentioned above and below by informing us  if we fail to meet these commitments.

  1. HONESTY—Honesty is the foundation for all activities of the company.  We will not lie or distort the truth regardless of the consequences.
  2. RESPECT—We will show respect for each and every person with whom we come in contact while performing our duties.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE—Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer  service. We will meet our commitments and follow through with our  responsibilities
  4. ATTITUDE—We will be courteous and friendly at all times. We will support and help one another.
  5. EFFICIENCY—We will strive to reduce costs for each Association and reduce waste.
  6. GROWTH—It is our goal to promote growth for the company and its personnel which results in increased service to our clients.

A majority of our business comes from "word of mouth" referrals.  People are telling their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors about  the service and attention they receive within our portfolio.